Previous Editions

Verandah 37th Edition

2022 Verandah 37

People are malleable, moving from place to place, person to person, skill to skill. Transition is a natural part of life and that’s why Verandah 37 finds its theme within it. Inside this journal you will find people coming to terms with birth, parenthood, identity, death and more. As we move through the pandemic and into the world that comes after, we will make mistakes, form new friendships and become new people but we will also need stories, poetry and art. Verandah once again commits to provide this from established and emerging creatives. Open to our foreword by the illustrious Anna Spargo-Ryan, a past contributor herself. In it she speaks on truth, facts, and art and how easily they blend and divide. Transitions may be jarring and cruel but it’s through them that we find growth and possibility, and by sharing them we can find community.

Verandah 37 Award Winners

Editors’ Choice Award
‘Punchi Amma’ by Dinasha Edrisinghe
Designers’ Choice Award
‘Feed Me’ by Natasha Gardos
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘The Honeymooners’ by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Judith Rodriguez Prize
You Burn Me’ by Carly Rawson

V37 Team: Olivia Di Petta, Scott Hudson, Madelyne Knape, Charlie McKay and Victoria Robinson

Verandah 36th Edition

2021 Verandah 36

A small, swift library.

In her foreword, Briohny Doyle takes the theme of Verandah 36, Intersections, and traces its growth from its practical definition through its journey as a signifier for comparing and contrasting identities. Never has this journey been more relevant than it is now, as we face a global crisis that should bring us together but has instead shown the cracks in our communities, the intersections where the individual conflicts with the communal. However, it is important to remember that intersections are not just paths heading away—they are also paths towards, and what can happen at an intersection is never fully determined.

Verandah 36 provides that kind of intersectional space, bringing together writers, poets, visual artists, editors, designers, students, industry professionals and teachers to create a work that is more than its parts, a conversation between the pieces, the creators, and the broader audience they might reach. Above all else, Verandah 36: Intersections is an invitation to connect. We hope you accept.

Kate Cuthbert, Industry Panel, Verandah

Verandah 36 Award Winners

Editors’ Choice Award
‘The Water’s Story’ by Paul Boyd
Designers’ Choice Award
‘Rebirth 2′ by Jessica Wiseman
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘Sydney’s Dawn’ by Mark Markovic
V36 Theme Award
‘Where Have the Memories Gone?’ by Sharmila Jayasinghe

V36 Team: Nerissa Butt, Matthew Galic, Sarah Hurst, Vania Octaviani and Madison Pawle.

Verandah 35th Edition

2020 Verandah 35

Unprecedented. Pivot. The New Normal.

Amid unprecedented challenges and brand new vocabulary, the editorial team of Verandah 35 pivoted to a new way of working and engaging with the community, to deliver their issue of this well-established literary journal. Art is the way that we understand our world, and Verandah 35 showcases the fresh and the emerging, providing readers with new writing and art, differing perspectives and points of view. We invite you to take advantage of this enforced stillness and use it to explore the works shared within these pages as we all await the arrival of the new normal.

Kate Cuthbert, Industry Panel, Verandah

Verandah 35 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Award
‘The Analogue Supermakt’ by Maddison Brake
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘Half-White Lung’ by Joshua Baird
Deakin University Community Bank Verandah Literary Award
‘A Colour Other Than Blue’ by Charlotte Guest
Deakin University Community Bank Verandah Art Award
‘Any Destination’ by Katya Mathieson
Editors’ Choice Award
‘The Bangalore Superfast Express’ by Shivani Prabhu

V35 Team: Chloe Blanchard, Mahalia Brooks, Rachel Grey, Jessica Hinschen, J Paddon and Alastair Widdowson.

Verandah 34th Edition

2019 Verandah 34

‘We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.’ Johnathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal, 2012.

I am very impressed by the Verandah 34 editorial team’s quality showcase of emerging writers and artists. Extensive professional collaborations have been essential. Artists and writers, graphic designers, printers, industry advisers and sponsors have all contributed to producing these contemporary voices and views. Discover the award-winners, explore the perspectives, stay up all night enjoying the storytelling of Verandah 34 Literary and Art Journal.

Dr Karen Le Rossignol, Chair Verandah Board, Deakin University

Verandah 34 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Award
‘We Came Here to Find Our Own Names’ by Abigail Elder
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘Eating Type’ by Sharon Kernot
Wantirna Community Bank Verandah Literary Award
‘Melway’ by Angela Osborne
Wantirna Community Bank Verandah Art Award
‘Ocean Sounds’ by Katya Mathieson
Verandah Genre Award
‘A Collection of Thumbs’ by Mo Savage
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Australian Summer’ by Alex Collins

V34 Team: Melina Bunting, Laura Clark, Jo French, Chantelle Gourlay and Mahima Jacob.

Verandah 33rd Edition

2018 Verandah 33

Reading Verandah 33, you will be reminded again that there are infinite ways to write about tragedy. Amid illness and family turmoil, a little girl draws Jesus with the chickenpox in Hill’s ‘The Paper Family’; and the award-winning elegy, ‘Poet’s Funeral’, reads like a masterful goodbye to a dear friend. ‘Waittai Lane’, ‘Let Go’, ‘Water Baby’ and ‘The Life of Cats’ bring forth all the grief of losing children, lovers and pets; and a child loses her most treasured possessions in Mobayad’s ‘Teeth’. These are only some of the ideas scattered within the poems and stories in Verandah 33.

Hayley Elliot-Ryan, Verandah 33 Foreward

Verandah 33 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘Poem for a Binary Star’ by Melina Bunting
Verandah Art Award
‘Edge of the River’ by Katya Mathieson
Verandah Literary Award
‘Poet’s Funeral’ by Meredith Pitt
Deakin Literary Award
‘The Paper Family’ by Brooke Hill
Verandah Genre Award
‘The Life of Cats’ by Gemma Nisbet
Editor’s Choice Award
‘My Mother’s Losses’ by Ari Moore

V33 Team: Beth Andrews, Katelin Farnsworth, Andrea Levens, Mel O’Connor and Elizabeth Ross.

Verandah 32nd Edition

2017 Verandah 32

Brought to you by this passionate and highly focused team of young editors and designers, Verandah 32 not only directs the spotlight onto boundary-breaking writing, trending to the experimental, but it’s also innovative in its dual-modality.

Unexpected and boundary-breaking. With new voices and fresh perspectives, Verandah 32 is a captivating and metamorphic journey of artistic and literary experimentation and diversity. This year’s journal showcases the voices and creative works of emerging writers and artists alongside established writer, Kevin Brophy. The prose, poetry and artwork unite to form a collection that provokes thought, challenges reader expectations and evokes an array of emotions.

Marion May Campbell, Verandah 32 Foreword

Verandah 32 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Prize
‘The Wet’ by Bethany Leak
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘Discourse Never Did Run Smooth’ by Taylor Rawson
Verandah Art Award
‘Peony’ by Kellie Jane
Deakin Literary Award
‘Behind Closed Doors’ by Melissa Kay
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Sin-eater’ by Peter Wolstenholme
Verandah Literary Award
‘How We Stay’ by Chelsea Avard
Verandah Genre Award
‘Lollies’ by Katelin Farnsworth

V32 Team: Courtney Carland, Sophia Desiatov, Emma Taylor and Julija Zivanovic.

Verandah 31st Edition

2016 Verandah 31

Today, social media allows each of us to be a publisher and some might question the necessity of an anthology such as Verandah. But, if anything, there’s a greater need today than there was more than thirty years ago because of the high volume of vapid words and pictures that assault us daily. It’s a relief to dive into Verandah, where text and image create modern-day narratives that are powerful for what’s said and what’s left unsaid.

The 31st issue of Verandah is a place to linger. Like one might do on a verandah. Read it cover to cover or dip in and out‑it’s a lively collection where comfort and discomfort can sit cheek by jowl to reward the reader.

Kate Cody, Verandah 31 Foreward

Verandah 31 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Prize
What Daisy Said’ by Jack Kirne
International Student Award
‘The Mirror Road’ by Ilgin Yildiz
Matthew Rocca Prize
‘Homeless’ by Brianna Courtney Bullen
Deakin Literary Award
‘Anxiety’ by Michelle Johns
Genre Fiction Award
‘City Foxes’ by Pip Kainey
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Bunny Rabbits’ by Katelin Farnsworth
Verandah Literary Award
‘A Few Notes On Gardening’ by Jenny Sinclair
Verandah Art Award
‘Broken Bears’ by Joel Jeffery

V31 Team: Lauren Carta, Melanie Hunter, Angelina Kitono, Lauren Magee, Mark Russell and Dan Watts.

Verandah 30th Edition

2015 Verandah 30

So where are we, confronting Verandah’s thirtieth year? Three decades out from the arrival of the computer on university desks, in a time of e-communication, Verandah continues to provide contributors with tangible evidence of their achievement, and buyers with a sheaf of fine art and writing.

Verandah, receiving all the winds of heaven, will continue to welcome the verse and thoughtfulness of new art and writing as it has for thirty years.

Judith RodriguezVerandah 30 Foreword

Verandah 30 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Prize
‘The Local’ by Jimmy Mollison
Deakin Literary Award
‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ by Michelle Jogns
Verandah Literary Award
‘Solve’ by Aisling Smith
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘Lashes’ by Cassandra Axon
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Primary Sources’ by Angela Nikunlinsky
DUSA Award
‘The Meteorite’ by Terese Hope
Genre Fiction Award
‘Pseudonym’ by Catherine Vance

V30 Team: Jessica Harvie, Bonnee Crawford, Sarah Bilotta, Breanna Zampaglione and Justine Stella.

Verandah 29th Edition

2014 Verandah 29

You’re about to read Verandah 29. It is a miscellany of words in all their forms. These forms range from the shortest of poems where the meaning of a single word is of vital importance to stories that draw you along, adding intrigue gradually. There are pieces that paint a picture for you to observe and others that play with your mind.

You have no idea what you’re in for. Each ‘story’ is a little bit different, morsels to be enjoyed one at a time. Yet they all fit together, an eclectic collection, each lending something to the others.

Amanda JarradVerandah 29 Foreword

Verandah 29 Award Winners

Cavalier Art Award
‘In Your Coffin’ by Fraser Cameron
Deakin Literary Award
‘Umbra’ by Luke Peverelle
Verandah Literary Award
‘Loose Change’ by Nikki Wilkinson
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘For A.P.’ by Morgan Junor
Editors’ Choice Prize
‘The Gatekeeper’ by Stephen Holmes
DUSA Award
‘After-Rain’ by Sheridan O’Brien
Genre Fiction Award
‘Writer/Other’ by Alison Evans

V29 Team: Charlotte Beveridge, Ash Leonard, Sylvia McQueen, Dionne Seah, Lili O’Sullivan, Tash Tran and Enhui Yu.

Verandah 28th Edition

2013 Verandah 28

Literature is a grand and ancient conversation about what it is to live in the world. That conversation can be comedic, challenging or angry. It can be parodic, poignant or frightening. It can be romantic, melancholic or unsettling. Verandah 28 provides us with some unforgettable interventions in the conversation called literature, and it provides us with a compelling invitation to listen in.

Maria Takolander, Verandah 28 Foreword

Verandah 28 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award
‘Seven Crayfish at Christmas’ by Jaris Spehr
Deakin Literary Award
‘Whirlpool’ by Abbey Brandenburg
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Stories from the Rockyard’ by Jane Downing
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘Where Man Goes’ by Gemma Hanan
Cavalier Art Award
‘Floating Eyes’ by Stacey Williams
DUSA Art Award
Inside Out’ by Glenn Karleen

V28 Team: Sarah Allen, Leizl Bermejo, Hayley Elliott-Ryan, Lauren Hawkins, Kyah Horrocks and Jonathon Lawrence.

Verandah 27th Edition

2012 Verandah 27

Anthologies are made of the tough stuff. From experience, I know creating a dazzling journal can be a difficult task. You need to be a plumber, connecting pathways and ideas so that words don’t just run off everywhere. You need to have the eye of an embroiderer to see every stitch and tend to the art of connecting. You need to be full of what Paul Theroux’s Allie Fox describes as “three am gumption”. You need a love of language, consuming strands of words like they were home-made linguine. And you want great contributors.

Verandah 27 has all these elements.

Alicia SometimesVerandah 27 Foreword

Verandah 27 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award
‘Washerwoman’ by Sheila Graham
Deakin Literary Award
‘On the art of killing’ by Andrew Roberts
Editors’ Choice Award
‘Brawn over brain’ by Eddy Burger
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘I remember British bulldogs’ by Amy May Nunn
Verandah Art Award
‘Beautiful creatures’ by Gwen Mortimore
Deans Art Award
‘Only way I remember’ by Loren J Komel

V27 Team: Katy Andrews, Emily Eaton, Effie Mann, Bryce Mason, Kathryn Rowan and Laura Morina.

Verandah 26th Edition

2011 Verandah 26

For me as a teacher, this shelf of writing is first of all its strikingly talented editors. They include career editors, yes, but also novelists, poets, artists, administrators, and teachers. They are all around us, and their ideas and words and skills are a feast that we savour. They become the arts fabric of our society a decade (or so) on from their year of dreaming drudging, discipline and bringing-forth their Verandah.

Robin FreemanVerandah 26 Foreword

Verandah 26 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘Violence’ by Deanne Davies
Verandah Literary Award
‘Made from the Matter of Stars’ by Nathan Curnow
Deakin Literary Award
‘Minutiae’ by Anna Barham
Editor’s Choice
‘Apple tree Man’ by Aisling Smith

V26 Team: Kate Festini, Rebecca Hackett, Mark Hamilton, Alison Musgrove, Greta Rehak and Bianca Weller.

Verandah 25th Edition

2010 Verandah 25

Verandah’s 25th-anniversary edition marries literature and art, celebrating longevity and inspired excellence. In this publication, you will find yourself faced with an ill-advised encounter with a call-girl, a dalliance with the personification of Freudian concepts and view a family who lives in an oven. Traverse the poetics of relationships-gone-sour, only to believe you’re a child’s cubbyhouse slowly dissolving in the rain. Don’t forget to stockpile shotguns, bullets, canned peaches, and butter knives for the zombie apocalypse.

Verandah 25 Award Winners

Editor’s Choice Award
‘a panther, the city, the sea’ by Robyn Wylie
Verandah Literary Award
‘mr baby moonbird’ by Alison Thompson
Deakin Literary Award
‘in the knickers of time’ by Charlotte Claire
Matthew Roca Poetry Award
‘epoch’ by Jade Pandora
Verandah Art Award
‘timeless’ by Megan Seymour

V25 Team: Amber Beilharz, Karen Fraser, Skye McFarlane, Palila Opit and Melissa Ryan.

Verandah 24th Edition

2009 Verandah 24

Lurking in the prose of Verandah is the repressed memory of your ‘First Date’, that disappointing ‘Dinner with Dad’, a vague image of geometric retinal imprints and zeros, plump and exhausted, recorded from astronomy lectures. Buckets catching the night? The poetics of glass? And what does that cockroach really represent? Uncanny is the word that comes to mind when you thumb through the pages of the collective imagination of these writers and artists.

Verandah 24 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award – Deakin Student
‘Pokerface’ by Ross Hunter
Editor’s Choice Award
‘Morning Stranger’ by Deb Wain
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘With Holding’ by Amy May Nunn
The Verandah Literary Award
‘The boy, his mother, the father and a dog’ by Adam Tucker
Verandah Art Award
‘Untitled’ by Katie Banakh

V24 Team: Charlotte Adams, Claire Duffy, Katherine Harland and Blue Mahy.

Verandah 23rd Edition

2008 Verandah 23

Here in the pages of this issue are pieces by outstanding writers whose work I already admire, as well as excellent works by writers that I hope to hear more of in the future (including Deakin University professional writing students). There is also an increased amount of visual art in this year’s issue – perhaps more than in any other edition of Verandah. However, regardless of art form or genre, or the artist’s status as ‘emerging’ or ‘established’, or their connection to Deakin University (or not), the creators of these works all have one thing in common: they each impressed this issue’s team of editors and rightfully earned their place in this issue of the journal.

Tom ChoVerandah 23 Foreword

Verandah 23 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘Unpacking’ by Josephine Rowe
The Verandah Literary Award – Deakin Student
‘General Hospital’ by Jacinta Butterworth
The Verandah Art Award
Astor’ by Paul Hasell
The Verandah Photography Prize
‘Neon’ by Lisa Guners
The Verandah Literary Award
‘Watching home videos’ by Thuy Linh Nguyen
The Editor’s Choice Award
‘It’s not easy being a member of her audience’ by Michael Crane

V23 Team: Rachel Healey, Asha Ioculari, Kathryn Keeble, Stephanie Schauer and Rhys Tate.

Verandah 22nd Edition

2007 Verandah 22

Over the course of the year, it has been our aim to bring together a collection of works that will evoke a diverse range of emotions and thoughts within our readers. Having come to the end of this process, it is our belief that the exceptional range of writing and artwork contained within Verandah 22 will not only entertain, but also inform and challenge those who journey through its pages. We trust that you will enjoy all of Verandah 22’s offerings as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Verandah 22 Award Winners

Readings Literary Award
‘In Detention’ by Madeline Williams
Allen & Unwin Art Award
‘Cardigan Street’ by Martina Gemmola

V22 Team: Natalie Bradley, Kate Burbury, Stephanie Farley, Isabel Lim, Jeremy Loadman and Jess Mawson.

Verandah 21st Edition

2006 Verandah 21

The Verandah 21 editors would like to thank, in particular, Robin Freeman for her wisdom and for being our foundation over the year; along with Peter Davis for his photographic expertise, and Katya Johanson, Karen Le Rossignol and Judith Rodriguez for their assistance and encouragement.

Verandah 21 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘On the Perfect Lasagne’ by Alicia Sometimes
Penguin Fiction Prize
A Strange Case’ by Nicholas Rasche
Unitexts Art Prize
‘Nests’ by Kathy Westfold

V21 Team Mary-Jane Daffy, Charlston Goch, Lisa-Skye Ioannidis, Kathryn Page, Amanda Powell and Danielle Whelen.

Verandah 20th Edition

2005 Verandah 20

Each year, Verandah may have meant different things to its editors, but its purpose remains the same – to bring the work of diverse artists together, and to release it. Each piece within Verandah 20 has individual resonance and power. Ultimately, Verandah has always been a channel for expression, and this is what Verandah is all about.

Verandah 20 Award Winners

Verandah Prose Prize
‘Supermarket Song’ by Brooke Davis
Penguin Encouragement Award
‘Transcience’ by Alyson Miller
Matthey Rocca Poetry Prize
‘The Conversationalist’ by Alicia sometimes –
Harper Collins Encouragement Award
‘Pression’ by Kevin Gillam 
Eckersley’s Art Prize
‘Liz’s Lips’ by Liz Murray
Art Encouragement Prize
‘Untitled’ by Tim Prendergast

V20 Team: Kate Smith, Leonie Marchello, Daniel Lawler, Sarah Tanner, Shalini Akhil and Patrick Thomas.

Verandah 19th Edition

2004 Verandah 19

We put a call out to writers everywhere to test their limits and take a risk. We invited them to embrace that risk and use it to propel them off the edge of the traditional verandah and see where they landed. The writers within these pages took up this challenge and delivered diverse works that provoke a range of sensations. These writers explore their new terrain through loss, nostalgic memories of salty hot summers (the backs of your legs sticking to the car seat), the lilt of sorrow, the seduction of sound, and the spiralling discovery of the unexpected.

Verandah 19 Award Winners

HarperCollins Fiction Prize
‘Driss and Deirdre’ by Arna Radovich
Verandah Fiction Prize
Jesus is Green, Man’ by Matt Dickinson
Matthey Rocca Poetry Prize
‘War Crimes’ by Gary Smith
Verandah Poetry Prize
‘Chicken’ Dan Rule
The Edge Photo Imaging Prize
‘Smith Street Landscape’ by Tess Crane

V19 Team: Briony Davis, Eleni Miller, Emma Morris, Effie Papandreou and Elisabeth Young.

Verandah 18th Edition

2003 Verandah 18

Over the years, Verandah Literary Journal has been a forum for new and established writers. Our ‘Coming of Age’ edition continues this tradition. Verandah 18 will take you on a journey that will inspire tears, laughter, whimsy and thought.

Verandah 18 Award Winners

Matthey Rocca Poetry Award
‘Salt from the Sea’ by Grace Yee
Verandah Literary Award Fiction
‘Eating Cake’ by Anna Beth McCormack
Second Prize Fiction
‘All Colour, All Night’ by Nathan Whitcher
Second Prize Poetry
‘Slide Show’ by Nathan Curnow
The 2003 Hussen Benn Non-Fiction Award
‘Romeo & Juliet Deserted’ by Ali Alizadeh
Lee Emmett Fiction Award
‘Whatever you do, Don’t Think About Jellyfish’ by Anna Krien
Verandah Photography Award (Sponsored by The Paper Place and Edge Photo Imaging)
Jerry Alsamir

V18 Team: Debbie Bennett, Karina Biggs, Terry Cantwell, Jo-anne Hotchkin, Bernadette Rafferty and Carolyn Tate.

Verandah 17th Edition

2002 Verandah 17

The Verandah 17 editors would like to thank, in particular, Jenny Lee for her constant help and support, along with Judith Rodriguez, Peter Davis, and Sudesh Mishra for judging this year’s awards.

Verandah 17 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award (Fiction)
‘I live in the Bathroom’ Anneliese Dalgeish 
Verandah Literary Award (Non-Fiction)
‘Six Sides of Self’ by Jaclyn Bond 
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award
‘Suite: September Eleven’ by Gary Smith 
DUSA Literary Award
‘The Girl Who Loves Fossils’ by Lisa Lang
DUSA Poetry Award
‘Nature of Things’ by Barbara Orlowska-Westwood

V17 Team: Jonathan Danaher, Robyn Ellson, Jason Ellul and Anuska Phizazklea.

Verandah 16th Edition

2001 Verandah 16

We wish to acknowledge all of the writers who submitted to Verandah this year. We were thrilled with the originality and quality of the work we received. Thanks to Anson Cameron and Ouyang Yu for their contributions, and Chantel de Sousa for her brilliant cover and her patience. We would also like to encourage the many talented writers whom we simply did not have room to publish – keep writing and submit to Verandah 17 next year!

Verandah 16 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘The Deaf Sister’ by Jessica White
Verandah Literary Fiction Award
‘The Assessor’ by Joanne Scicluna
DUSA Literary Awards Poetry
‘6:30pm Bathtime’ by Allison Fogarty
DUSA Literary Awards Fiction
‘In the Straw’ by Joanne Scicluna
DUSA Artwork Award
Kelly Magilton

V16 Team: Jane Brushfield, Erin Byrne, Chris Ferreira, Rebecca Leech, Cyndy Muraca and Lois Murphy.

Verandah 15th Edition

2000 Verandah 15

Verandah Volume 15 is finally here, alive and resplendent in red patent-leather boots. Having received the formidable task of bringing Verandah into the new century, we have attempted to make the journal accessible and diverse, with the inclusion of more non-fiction, script, lyrics, and other experimental forms of writing.

Verandah 15 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Awards Poetry
‘Princess’ by Ali Alizadeh
‘when romeo and juliet come to town’ by Jane Williams
Verandah Literary Awards Fiction
‘Silent Radar’ by Clayton Hansen
‘Keeping in Time’ by Elizabeth Colbert

V15 Team: Megan Bailey, Dale Campisi, Ashley Hibbert, Rachel Pitts, Sarah Saunders and Kirsty Seymour.

Verandah 14th Edition

1999 Verandah 14

From the depths of our intimate office, buried within the heart of darkness that is Deakin University, comes Verandah 14 – Y2K compliant and fully equipped for the new millennium; the new direction. Psychopaths, perverts and drug addicts hide between the pages, suggesting that, at the dusk of the twentieth century, even your Verandah isn’t safe…

Verandah 14 Award Winners

1999 Verandah Literary Awards – Poetry  
‘Triple Exposure’ by Ron Stevens
‘the judas oracle’ by Jane Williams
1999 Verandah Literary Awards – Fiction
‘Hydrogen’ by Anna Daly
‘Auckland’ by Ben Birchall
Cover Award
‘A New Direction’ by Julian Watson

V14 Team: Jacinta Armstrong, Daniela Ciminelli, Jeni-Elen George, Ruth Jelley, Kate Molony and Angelo Pietrobon.

Verandah 13th Edition

1998 Verandah 13

You will be absorbed by this edition of Verandah. It presents the work of emerging and established writers alongside new writing from our guest contributors Dorothy Hewett and Dorothy Porter. All but one of the thirty-six contributors are Australian-based.

You won’t find a lot of smoky cafes, berets, and rattling Melbourne trams in this edition. Rather, the pages of Verandah 13 tell of caterpillars, snowballs, martinis, Patak’s Instant Curry, Edinburgh, grannies, contortionists, New York, airconditioning, Hills Hoists, beheaded virgin martyrs, sheikhs’ camels, Norwegian saxophones, shrunken balloons, circuses, God, trousers, assassinations, salt and vinegar chips, protons, frogs, chickenshit motherfuckers,  Calcutta, carbon monoxide, burping, strings of sausages, insomnia, make-up, talking dogs, good seats, maggots, Bianca Hudson, eyebrows, crystal balls, primas and, of course, chickens.

And if you can’t sort that lot out, then you can always just look at the pictures.

Verandah 13 Award Winners

1998 Verandah Literary Awards – Poetry
‘Discovers the Body of a Suicide’ by John Hawkins Peeping Tom
‘The Paddock’ by Adam Stirling
‘Big Nana’ by Jane Williams
1998 Verandah Literary Awards – Short Story
‘City’ by Matthia Dempsey
‘The Desert Swimmer’ by Marni Cordell
‘Strange Company’ by Karan Gaylard

V13 Team: Sophie Black, Emma Brooks, Christine Fontana, Christopher Gabriel, Kate Hagan, Jennifer Lee and David Sornig.

Verandah 12th Edition

1997 Verandah 12

Welcome to the renovated Verandah. With a new home (Burwood campus of Deakin University), a new competition, and some names that might surprise you, we barely recognise ourselves! Although, one thing that has remained constant about Verandah throughout its twelve years of existence is our policy of encouraging new and emerging writers and artists, both through publication and performance opportunities.

This issue of Verandah contains an exceptional and diverse range of writing and artwork from both new and established writers and artists.

Full of innovation, surprising, and at times confronting and achingly beautiful, the editors hope you enjoy Verandah 12.

Verandah 12 Award Winners

Winner of the Verandah National Poetry Prize 1997
‘the skaters’ by Carolyn Leach-Paholski
Second place in the Verandah National Poetry Prize 1997
‘Of Earth and Wheat’ by B.R Dionysius
Third place in the Verandah National Poetry Prize 1997
‘The Hand on the Cage’ by Jill Jones
Highly Commended in the Verandah National Poetry Prize 1997
‘bruising the song’ by Carolyn Leach-Paholski
Highly Commended in the Verandah National Poetry Prize 1997
‘thirteen’ by Lucy Williams

V12 Team: Anna Coleman, Kate Johnstone, Barbara Oakman, Caitilin Punshon, Winnie Salamon, Gary Smith and Kate Whitfield.