Our Vision

Verandah has been established and run by students for the past thirty-seven years. Each year, a new team of students takes the helm and works together to produce a bold publication featuring diverse voices.​

The journal offers an opportunity for emerging writers and artists to showcase their work in an open and inclusive community.​

Verandah helps to explore creativity in all its forms to allow for a lively and progressive publication.​

This year, V38 team’s approach is underpinned by an intersectional praxis. We are committed to continue featuring diverse voices, and making a particular effort to ensure that marginalised perspectives have a place in our pages. To do this, we aim to expand our submissions process – enlarging the scope of how we source and encourage submissions. ​

In a black font, it says 'Our Vision' at the top of the graphic. Underneath it lists five words that describe our goal: Community - create a space whereby writers and artists from varying backgrounds come together to express themselves and connect with one another; Boldness - creating opportunities for writers and artists to explore possibilies for changing futures; Openness - Create a commitment to reinvigoration and progression of our time; Diversity - create a platform where many perspectives are heard; Inclusion - create an open and accessible environment. The text is against a white background with green splotches and dark spots.