Lachlan Barker and Sam Weaver

Our next contribution to this year’s Cabinet of Curiosities “Art During Disaster” is from Lachlan Barker and Sam Weaver.

Lachlan Barker is a 20-year-old Melbourne-based writer and musician currently studying at Deakin University. Sam Weaver is a graphic designer, musician and artist based in Melbourne. You can find more of their works at @saintkeep and on Instagram respectively.

Lachlan and Sam’s audio visual piece, ‘Dreaddrunk’ is comprised of music and text created using generative technologies. Throughoutit, pleasing and often nature-related words and dulcet sounds are increasingly interrupted and corrupted by politicised ‘trigger’ words and abrasive, cacophonic sounds, enveloping the audience in anuncomfortable space that mirrors the anxiety, incomprehensibility, restlessness, and dread inherent in the contemporary first-world human experience.