Jade Collins


Our next contributor to this year’s Cabinet of Curiosities is Jade Collins.

Jade Collins is a visual designer who’s been developing her creative aesthetics ever since she and her sister began their own radio station when they were ten using an mp3 player in her bedroom. She is a professional daydreamer who uses her imagination to connect people. Her work has been exhibited in 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan.

Jade’s artwork “Physical vs Social Distancing” aims to highlight the often-unrecognised toll words and labels can take on our mental health. The use of bright and cheerful colours in the physical distancing are to reflect the positives of still being able to connect with friends and family. The darker hues of the social distancing part of the artwork invites depict the bleakness felt by those experiencing isolation amidst spiralling into a deep depression due to the global pandemic.