By Amin Rajbanshi

A simple graphic inspired by the quote ‘Home is where the heart is’. Just wanted to remind everyone that staying home is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a great time to take a break, spend time with your family and most importantly to remind yourself that home is where you find all the love and support you may need in your life.

By Jordan Ross

In my piece I wanted to capture the feeling of coming home—the escape from mundane workdays, gruelling 9-5’s to a place of expression, comfort and serenity. To strengthen this idea, I included the text ‘WELCOME HOME’. My initial inspiration came from the concept of doors, the entry into our escape. Finally, I wanted to highlight the contrast between the home and the outside world through the use of colour and black and white.

By Luke Martin

Home has felt like the only place that exists recently—spending all my days inside, communicating via technology from the comfort of your home. I took inspiration from the idea that everything you’re doing is within a house. I created this neon lights imagery because it seems like things are turning on and off all the time, and wanted to reflect the way we are doing so many things without ever leaving our 4 walls.

By Zeth Cameron

Home is a place where I go to see you (see also; us, them, it). Vacating bodies, occupying space. The comfort in your presence, no stillness in stillness. ‘We go’, but sometimes we don’t. Some nights, in fact, we order in. I look in the mirror and I see you, seeing me. I look in the window and see someone (a ghost who drops by since December, seemingly friendly). Laughing under the stairs, out of the laundry. Spending time happily in clothes worn by others that were once designed to be pyjamas.