History of Verandah

There is a long history of Verandah Journal, with thirty-five previous volumes to its name. It was established as an annual, student-run print publication providing rich editorial and publishing experience for fresh students with new ideas each year. Publication teams are carefully selected from students studying professional and creative writing at Deakin. The work of each Verandah team equates to running a small business, as well as a platform for editors to hone their skills and put theory into practice. 

Verandah Literary and Art Journal was founded in 1986 underneath the actual verandahs of Victoria College—now known as Deakin University—where writing students would sit their exams. This beautiful and historical Australian site became the perfect image of a training ground.

The first edition of Verandah was launched in the great hall of Stonnington, graced with the presence of family, friends, supportive academic, contributors, and acclaimed Australian writers Helen Garner and Garry Disher. Many well-known names can be found within the pages of Verandah!

Our founding editors are Anne Casey, Katie Cody, Genevieve Fitzgerald and Dianne Perrin Knie. You can read an interview with Genevieve Fitzgerald in our ‘Interviews’ section, where she says: ‘One thing’s for sure: the training I gained from Verandah taught me profound lessons about courage and risk, creativity and collaboration, about how a good idea can become a generous reality that applies the ‘pay it forward’ principle if everyone is willing to share. I am forever grateful to the people who helped to get the journal off the notepad and onto the bookshelf, to all those who continue to nourish it and to the ever-increasing family that grows from Verandah’s annual publication’.

If you want to see more about the history of Verandah Journal and what it’s like to work and be published, there are a selection of interviews to read from previous designers, authors and artists.

Previous Publication Teams

V35: Chloe Blanchard, Mahalia Brooks, Rachel Grey, Jess Hinschen, Josh Paddon and Alastair Widdowson
Melina Bunting, Laura Clark, Jo French, Chantelle Gourlay and Mahima Jacob.
V33: Beth Andrews, Katelin Farnsworth, Andrea Levens, Mel O’Connor and Elizabeth Ross.
V32: Courtney Carland, Sophia Desiatov, Emma Taylor and Julija Zivanovic.
Lauren Carta, Melanie Hunter, Angelina Kitono, Lauren Magee, Mark Russell and Dan Watts.
V30: Jessica Harvie, Bonnee Crawford, Sarah Bilotta, Breanna Zampaglione and Justine Stella.
V29: Charlotte Beveridge, Ash Leonard, Sylvia McQueen, Dionne Seah, Lili O’Sullivan, Tash Tran and Enhui Yu.
V28: Sarah Allen, Leizl Bermejo, Hayley Elliott-Ryan, Lauren Hawkins, Kyah Horrocks and Jonathon Lawrence.
V27: Katy Andrews, Emily Eaton, Effie Mann, Bryce Mason, Kathryn Rowan and Laura Morina.
V26: Kate Festini, Rebecca Hackett, Mark Hamilton, Alison Musgrove, Greta Rehak and Bianca Weller.
V25: Amber Beilharz, Karen Fraser, Skye McFarlane, Palila Opit and Melissa Ryan.
V24: Charlotte Adams, Claire Duffy, Katherine Harland and Blue Mahy.
V23: Rachel Healey, Asha Ioculari, Kathryn Keeble, Stephanie Schauer and Rhys Tate.
V22: Natalie Bradley, Kate Burbury, Stephanie Farley, Isabel Lim, Jeremy Loadman and Jess Mawson.
V21: Mary-Jane Daffy, Charlston Goch, Lisa-Skye Ioannidis, Kathryn Page, Amanda Powell and Danielle Whelen.
V20: Kate Smith, Leonie Marchello, Daniel Lawler, Sarah Tanner, Shalini Akhil and Patrick Thomas.
V19: Briony Davis, Eleni Miller, Emma Morris, Effie Papandreou and Elisabeth Young.
V18: Debbie Bennett, Karina Biggs, Terry Cantwell, Jo-anne Hotchkin, Bernadette Rafferty and Carolyn Tate.
V17: Jonathan Danaher, Robyn Ellson, Jason Ellul and Anuska Phizazklea.
V16: Jane Brushfield, Erin Byrne, Chris Ferreira, Rebecca Leech, Cyndy Muraca and Lois Murphy.
V15: Megan Bailey, Dale Campisi, Ashley Hibbert, Rachel Pitts, Sarah Saunders and Kirsty Seymour.
V14: Jacinta Armstrong, Daniela Ciminelli, Jeni-Elen George, Ruth Jelley, Kate Molony and Angelo Pietrobon.
V13: Sophie Black, Emma Brooks, Christine Fontana, Christopher Gabriel, Kate Hagan, Jennifer Lee and David Sornig.
V12: Anna Coleman, Kate Johnstone, Barbara Oakman, Caitilin Punshon, Winnie Salamon, Gary Smith and Kate Whitfield.
V11: Karina Grift, Michelle Hessels, Eliza Hurren, Sarah Nelms and Brigid Rasmussen.
V10: Kathy Castle, Janine Eberle, Thalia Kalkipsakis, Tai McQueen and Clare Murphy.
V9: Michelle Abel, Cara Adams, Natasha Cho, Jenny Roberts and Kate Ryall.
V8: Narelle Coulter, Claire Konkes, Christopher McAsey, Georgina Roussis, Judy Smallman and Annunziata Zoiti-Licastro.
V7: Susan Brown, Tegan James, Iris Lauchland and Leah Willian.
V6: Lisa D’Onofrio, Cheryl Kohek, Kylie Martin, Narelle Sullivan and Lee Walker.
V5: Tracy Barnes, Caz Brown and Louisa Ragas.
V4: Cathy Edmonds and Peter Russ.
V3: Susannah Latham, Scott McCaffrey, Sarah Niner and Herbert Schlegel.
V2: Colleen Cridland and Anne Sanger, Paul Conroy.
V1: Anne Casey, Katie Cody, Genevieve Fitzgerald and Diane Perrin Kni.