Ezra Chapman

Our final contribution to the Cabinet of Curiosities ‘Art During Disaster’ comes from Ezra Chapman.

Ezra Chapman is a third year Bachelor of Creative Writing student at Deakin University. She enjoys experimenting with writing and photography, often trying our new methods of combining the two. She is particularly inspired by the Surrealist and Dada Movements.

Ezra’s photographic series, ‘Metamorphing’, is a visual representation of an internal metamorphosis. The breaking open of the mannequin’s neck, along with the violent imagery in the poem, serve to express the immense pain and discomfort some must endure in order to become their ideal selves. The photographs only feature objects Ezra already had in her home. Her hope is that this will encourage viewers to look around their own homes and find unique items and forgotten hobbies, things which they can utilise to channel their current struggles into self-improvement.




His head is bursting.

His head has burst.

A flower grows.

It’s a good thing.