Editorial Process

At Verandah, our editors are dedicated to selecting all submissions based solely on their quality. We prioritise anonymity during the evaluation process.

Once literary submissions are selected, our editors work collaboratively with authors to refine their pieces to the highest standard. All correspondence will occur via email, so check your inbox regularly to stay updated on editorial suggestions and ensure your piece is polished for publication.

Editorial Stages

Here’s a breakdown of the editorial stages to help you better understand how our editors will approach your work.

Structural editing: This stage focuses on the overall structure of your piece, including plot, character development, theme and message, content relevance, and consistency. Feedback is provided to the author for revision, and sections may be either removed, moved, or rewritten to enhance the work.

Copyediting: This stage focuses on improving the style, accuracy, and clarity of the text without altering its content significantly. This includes correcting spelling and punctuation errors, enhancing sentence structure and word choice, and ensuring consistency in language and formatting.

Proofreading: This stage focuses on catching any remaining typographical errors missed in the previous stages.