Abigail Brill


Our first contributor to the Cabinet of Curiosities this year is Abigail Brill.

Abigail Brill is a third year Bachelor of Arts student at Deakin University, majoring in Photography and Film and Television. She loves to be playful and experimental with her works as she believes that we shouldn’t take life too seriously.  Abigail is passionate about creating and sharing new artistic ideas and, above all, learning and broadening her horizons.

Abigail’s photographic series, “Let’s Get Weird (At Home)”, directly sources inspiration from the 1996 classic film ‘Matilda’, mirroring the power of young Matilda in being able to move things with her mind. “Let’s Get Weird” invites viewers to try their own hand at making objects levitate and forget about the fact they’re stuck in their homes feeling helpless, and just have a good hearty laugh.