Welcome to Verandah

What is a verandah? According to Macquarie Dictionary, it is ‘an open or partly open portion of a house or other building, outside but abutting one or more of its principal rooms, covered either by a separate skillion roof or by the roof of the main structure’ (2019). What’s this definition got to do with us? Probably not a lot upon initial thought, but when you delve in deeper maybe you’ll find something interesting.

When we think of the term ‘verandah’, we think of a welcoming warmth; the relief of seeing the front yard on your way home from school, or the excitement that bubbles up when your dad’s car pulls into the driveway. We think about the stories that are shared over coffee and lounging on the slightly uncomfortable chairs. We think about the landscapes that we might see; maybe you’re in the city and you watch cars drive past on the highway, or maybe you’re in the country where trees and wildlife are abundant. A verandah can be anywhere, at any time—structured and solid.

Our Verandah has been in development for many years now (thirty-six, to be precise!), and it has seen numerous ‘builders’ come and go, similarly to the way a house watches generations of families walk in and out of its doors.  These ‘builders’ have taken the forms of editors, graphic designers, writers, artists and so much more. So many hands have contributed to the shaping of Verandah, and we hope that you’ll take interest in being a part of this constantly evolving community.

Verandah showcases the best work of emerging writers and artists. It is an impressive body of work that serves as a platform for budding artists and writers to experience the joy of being celebrated, to network and to build their portfolio and professional presence in the literature and arts industries.

There is a long history of Verandah Journal, with thirty-five previous volumes to its name. It was established as an annual, student-run print publication providing rich editorial and publishing experience for fresh students with new ideas each year. Publication teams are carefully selected from students studying professional and creative writing at Deakin. The work of each Verandah team equates to running a small business, as well as a platform for editors to hone their skills and put theory into practice. 

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