Verandah 35

2020 Verandah 35

Unprecedented. Pivot. The New Normal.

Amid unprecedented challenges and brand new vocabulary, the editorial team of Verandah 35 pivoted to a new way of working and engaging with the community, to deliver their issue of this well-established literary journal. Art is the way that we understand our world, and Verandah 35 showcases the fresh and the emerging, providing readers with new writing and art, differing perspectives and points of view. We invite you to take advantage of this enforced stillness and use it to explore the works shared within these pages as we all await the arrival of the new normal.  

Kate Cuthbert, Industy Panel, Verandah

Verandah 35 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Award  ‘The Analogue Supermakt’ by Maddison Brake 
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award  ‘Half-White Lung’ by Joshua Baird
Deakin University Community Bank Verandah Literary Award  ‘A Colour Other Than Blue’ by Charlotte Guest
Deakin University Community Bank Verandah Art Award  ‘Any Destination’ by Katya Mathieson
Editors’ Choice Award  ‘The Bangalore Superfast Express’ by Shivani Prabhu

V35 Team: Chloe Blanchard, Mahalia Brooks, Rachel Grey, Jessica Hinschen, J Paddon, Alastair Widdowson.