Verandah 33


2018 Verandah 33

Reading Verandah 33, you will be reminded again that there are infinite ways to write about tragedy. Amid illness and family turmoil, a little girl draws Jesus with the chickenpox in Hill’s ‘The Paper Family’; and the award-winning elegy, ‘Poet’s Funeral’, reads as a masterful goodbye to a dear friend. ‘Waittai Lane’, ‘Let Go’, ‘Water Baby’ and ‘The Life of Cats’ bring forth all the grief of losing children, lovers and pets; and a child loses her most treasured possessions in Mobayad’s ‘Teeth’. These are only some of the ideas scattered within the poems and stories in Verandah 33.

Hayley Elliot-Ryan, Verandah 33 Foreward

Verandah 33 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘Poem for a Binary Star’ by Melina Bunting
Verandah Art Award ‘Edge of the River’ by Katya Mathieson
Verandah Literary Award ‘Poet’s Funeral’ by Meredith Pitt
Deakin Literary Award ‘The Paper Family’ by Brooke Hill
Verandah Genre Award ‘The Life of Cats’ by Gemma Nisbet
Editor’s Choice Award ‘My Mother’s Losses’ by Ari Moore

V33 Team: Beth Andrews, Katelin Farnsworth, Andrea Levens, Mel O’Connor and Elizabeth Ross.