Verandah 32

2017 Verandah 32

Brought to you by this passionate and highly focused team of young editors and designers, Verandah 32 not only directs the spotlight onto boundary-breaking writing, trending to the experimental, but it’s also innovative in its dual modality.

Marion May Campbell, Verandah 32 Foreword

Unexpected and boundary-breaking. With new voices and fresh perspectives, Verandah 32 is a captivating and metamorphic journey of artistic and literary experimentation and diversity. This year’s journal showcases the voices and creative works of emerging writers and artists alongside established writer, Kevin Brophy. The prose, poetry and artwork unites to form a collection which provokes thought, challengers reader expectations and evokes an array of emotions.

Verandah 32 Award Winners 

Judith Rodriguez Prize ‘The Wet’ by Bethany Leak
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘Discourse Never Did Run Smooth’ by Taylor Rawson
Verandah Art Award ‘Peony’ by Kellie Jane
Deakin Literary Award ‘Behind Closed Doors’ by Melissa Kay
Editors’ Choice Award ‘Sin-eater’ by Peter Wolstenholme
Verandah Literary Award ‘How We Stay’ by Chelsea Avard
Verandah Genre Award ‘Lollies’ by Katelin Farnsworth

V32 Team: Courtney Carland, Sophia Desiatov, Emma Taylor and Julija Zivanovic.