Verandah 31

2016 Verandah 31

Today, social media allows each of us to be a publisher and some might question the necessity of an anthology such as Verandah. But, if anything, there’s a greater need today than there was more than thirty years ago because of the high volume of vapid words and pictures that assault us daily. It’s a relief to dive into Verandah, where text and image create modern-day narratives that are powerful for what’s said and what’s left unsaid.

The 31st issue of Verandah is a place to linger. Like one might do on a verandah. Read it cover to cover or dip in and out‑it’s a lively collection where comfort and discomfort can sit cheek by jowl to reward the reader.

Kate Cody, Verandah 31 Foreward

Judith Rodriguez Prize ‘What Daisy Said’ by Jack Kirne
International Student Award ‘The Mirror Road’ by Ilgin Yildiz
Matthew Rocca Prize ‘Homeless’ by Brianna Courtney Bullen
Deakin Literary Award ‘Anxiety’ by Michelle Johns
Genre Fiction Award ‘City Foxes’ by Pip Kainey
Editors’ Choice Award ‘Bunny Rabbits’ by Katelin Farnsworth
Verandah Literary Award ‘A Few Notes On Gardening’ by Jenny Sinclair
Verandah Art Award ‘Broken Bears’ by Joel Jeffery

V31 Team: Lauren Carta, Melanie Hunter, Angelina Kitono, Lauren Magee, Mark Russell and Dan Watts.