Verandah 30

2015 Verandah 30

So where are we, confronting Verandah’s thirtieth year? Three decades out from the arrival of the computer on university desks, in a time of e-communication, Verandah continues to provide contributors with tangible evidence of their achievement, and buyers with a sheaf of fine art and writing.

Verandah, receiving all the winds of heaven, will continue to welcome the verse and thoughtfulness of new art and writing as it has for thirty years.

Judith RodriguezVerandah 30 Foreword

Verandah 30 Award Winners

Judith Rodriguez Prize ‘The Local’ by Jimmy Mollison
Deakin Literary Award ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ by Michelle Jogns
Verandah Literary Award ‘Solve’ by Aisling Smith
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘Lashes’ by Cassandra Axon
Editors’ Choice Award ‘Primary Sources’ by Angela Nikunlinsky
DUSA Award ‘The Meteorite’ by Terese Hope
Genre Fiction Award ‘Pseudonym’ by Catherine Vance

V30 Team: Jessica Harvie, Bonnee Crawford, Sarah Bilotta, Breanna Zampaglione and Justine Stella.