Verandah 29

2014 Verandah 29

You’re about to read Verandah 29. It is a miscellany of words in all their forms. These forms range from the shortest of poems where the meaning of a single word is of vital importance to stories that draw you along, adding intrigue gradually. There are pieces that paint a picture for you to observe and others than play with your mind.

You have no idea what you’re in for. Each (story) is a little bit different, morsels to be enjoyed one at a time. Yet they all fit together, an eclectic collection, each lending something to the others. 

Amanda JarradVerandah 29 Foreword

Verandah 29 Award Winners

Cavalier Art Award ‘In Your Coffin’ by Fraser Cameron
Deakin Literary Award ‘Umbra’ by Luke Peverelle
Verandah Literary Award ‘Loose Change’ by Nikki Wilkinson
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize
‘For A.P.’ by Morgan Junor
Editors’ Choice Prize ‘The Gatekeeper’ by Stephen Holmes
DUSA Award ‘After-Rain’ by Sheridan O’Brien
Genre Fiction Award
‘Writer/Other’ by Alison Evans

V29 Team: Charlotte Beveridge, Ash Leonard, Sylvia McQueen, Dionne Seah, Lili O’Sullivan, Tash Tran and Enhui Yu.