Verandah 28

2013 Verandah 28

Literature is a grand and ancient conversation about what it is to live in the world. That conversation can be comedic, challenging or angry. It can be parodic, poignant or frightening. It can be romantic, melancholic or unsettling. Verandah 28 provides us with some unforgettable interventions in the conversation called literature, and it provides us with a compelling invitation to listen in.

Maria Takolander, Verandah 28 Foreword

Verandah 28 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award ‘Seven Crayfish at Christmas’ by Jaris Spehr
Deakin Literary Award ‘Whirlpool’ by Abbey Brandenburg
Editors’ Choice Award ‘Stories from the Rockyard’ by Jane Downing
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘Where Man Goes’ by Gemma Hanan
Cavalier Art Award ‘Floating Eyes’ by Stacey Williams
DUSA Art Award ‘Inside Out’ by Glenn Karleen

V28 Team: Sarah Allen, Leizl Bermejo, Hayley Elliott-Ryan, Lauren Hawkins, Kyah Horrocks and Jonathon Lawrence.