Verandah 27

2012 Verandah 27

Anthologies are made of the tough stuff. From experience I know creating a dazzling journal can be a difficult task. You need to be a plumber, connecting pathways and ideas so that words don’t just run off everywhere. You need to have the eye of an embroiderer to see every stitch and tend to the art of connecting. You need to be full of what Paul Theroux’s Allie Fox describes as “three am gumption”. You need a love of language, consuming strands of words like they were home-made linguine. And you want great contributors. 

Verandah 27 has all these elements. 

Alicia SometimesVerandah 27 Foreword

Verandah 27 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award ‘Washerwoman’ by Sheila Graham
Deakin Literary Award ‘On the art of killing’ by Andrew Roberts
Editors’ Choice Award ‘Brawn over brain’ by Eddy Burger
Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘I remember British bulldogs’ by Amy May Nunn
Verandah Art Award ‘Beautiful creatures’ by Gwen Mortimore
Deans Art Award ‘Only way I remember’ by Loren J Komel

V27 Team: Katy Andrews, Emily Eaton, Effie Mann, Bryce Mason, Kathryn Rowan and Laura Morina.