Verandah 26

2011 Verandah 26

For me as a teacher, this shelf of writing is first of all its strikingly talented editors. They include career editors, yes, but also novelists, poets, artists, administrators, and teachers. They are all around us, and their ideas and words and skills are a feast that we savour. They become the arts fabric of our society a decade (or so) on from their year of dreaming drudging, discipline and bringing-forth their Verandah.

Robin FreemanVerandah 26 Foreword

Verandah 26 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Award ‘Violence’ by Deanne Davies
Verandah Literary Award ‘Made from the Matter of Stars’ by Nathan Curnow
Deakin Literary Award ‘Minutiae’ by Anna Barham
Editor’s Choice ‘Apple tree Man’ by Aisling Smith

V26 Team: Kate Festini, Rebecca Hackett, Mark Hamilton, Alison Musgrove, Greta Rehak and Bianca Weller.