Verandah 25

2010 Verandah 25

Verandah’s 25th anniversary edition marries literature and art, celebrating longevity and inspired excellence. In this publication you will find yourself faced with an ill-advised encounter with a call-girl, a dalliance with the personification of Freudian concepts and view a family who lives in an oven. Traverse the poetics of relationships-gone-sour, only to believe you’re a child’s cubbyhouse slowly dissolving in the rain. Don’t forget to stockpile. Shotguns, bullets, canned peaches, butter knives for the zombie apocalypse. 

Verandah 25 Award Winners

Editor’s Choice Award ‘a panther, the city, the sea’ by Robyn Wylie
Verandah Literary Award ‘mr baby moonbird’ by Alison Thompson
Deakin Literary Award ‘in the knickers of time’ by Charlotte Claire
Matthew Roca Poetry Award ‘epoch’ by Jade Pandora
Verandah Art Award ‘timeless’ by Megan Seymour

V25 Team: Amber Beilharz, Karen Fraser, Skye McFarlane, Palila Opit and Melissa Ryan.