Verandah 24

2009 Verandah 24

Lurking in the prose of Verandah, is the repressed memory of your ‘First Date’, that disappointing ‘Dinner with Dad’, a vague image of geometric retinal imprints and zeros, plump and exhausted, recorded from astronomy lectures. Buckets catching the night? The poetics of glass? And what does that cockroach really represent? Uncanny is the word that comes to mind, when you thumb through the pages of the collective imagination of these writers and artists.

Verandah 24 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award – Deakin Student ‘Pokerface’ by Ross Hunter
Editor’s Choice Award ‘Morning Stranger’ by Deb Wain
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award ‘With Holding’ by Amy May Nunn
The Verandah Literary Award ‘The boy, his mother, the father and a dog’ by Adam Tucker
Verandah Art Award ‘Untitled’ by Katie Banakh

V24 Team: Charlotte Adams, Claire Duffy, Katherine Harland and Blue Mahy.