Verandah 23

2008 Verandah 23

Here in the pages of this issue are pieces by outstanding writers whose work I already admire, as well as excellent works by writers that I hope to hear more of in the future (ubclkuding Deakin University professional writing students). There is also an increased amount of visual art in this year’s issue – perhaps more than in any other edition of Verandah. However, regardless of artform or genre, or the artist’s status as ‘emerging’ or ‘established’, or their connection to Deakin University (or not), the creators of these works all have one thing in common: they each impressed this issue’s team of editors and rightfully earned their place in this issue of the journal.

Tom ChoVerandah 23 Foreword

Verandah 23 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘Unpacking’ by Josephine Rowe
The Verandah Literary Award – Deakin Student ‘General Hospital’ by Jacinta Butterworth
The Verandah Art Award ‘Astor’ by Paul Hasell
The Verandah Photography Prize ‘Neon’ by Lisa Guners
The Verandah Literary Award ‘Watching home videos’ by Thuy Linh Nguyen
The Editor’s Choice Award ‘It’s not easy being a member of her audience’ by Michael Crane

V23 Team: Rachel Healey, Asha Ioculari, Kathryn Keeble, Stephanie Schauer and Rhys Tate.