Verandah 21

2006 Verandah 21

The Verandah 21 editors would like to thank, in particular, Robin Freeman for her wisdom and for being our foundation over the year; along with Peter Davis for his photographic expertise, and Katya Johanson, Karen Le Rossignol and Judith Rodriguez for their assistance and encouragement.

EditorsVerandah 21 Acknowledgements

Verandah 21 Award Winners

Matthew Rocca Poetry Prize ‘On the Perfect Lasagne’ by Alicia Sometimes
Penguin Fiction Prize ‘A Strange Case’ by Nicholas Rasche
Unitexts Art Prize ‘Nests’ by Kathy Westfold

V21 Team Mary-Jane Daffy, Charlston Goch, Lisa-Skye Ioannidis, Kathryn Page, Amanda Powell and Danielle Whelen.