Verandah 20

2005 Verandah 20

Each year, Verandah may have meant different things to its editors, but its purpose remains the same – to bring the work of diverse artists together, and to release it. Each piece within Verandah 20 has individual resonance and power. Ultimately, Verandah has always been a channel for expression, and this is what Verandah is all about.

Verandah 20 Award Winners

Verandah Prose Prize ‘Supermarket Song’ by Brooke Davis
Penguin Encouragement Award ‘Transcience’ by Alyson Miller
Matthey Rocca Poetry Prize ‘The Conversationalist’ by Alicia sometimes –
Harper Collins Encouragement Award ‘Pression’ by Kevin Gillam 
Eckersley’s Art Prize ‘Liz’s Lips’ by Liz Murray
Art Encouragement Prize ‘Untitled’ by Tim Prendergast

V20 Team: Kate Smith, Leonie Marchello, Daniel Lawler, Sarah Tanner, Shalini Akhil and Patrick Thomas.