Verandah 19

2004 Verandah 19

We put a call out to writers everywhere to test their limits and take a risk. We invited them to embrace that risk and use it to propel them off the edge of the traditional verandah and see where they landed. The writers within these pages took up this challenge and delivered diverse works that provoke a range of sensations. These writers explore their new terrain though loss, nostalgic memories of salty hot summers (the backs of your legs sticking to the car seat), the lilt of sorrow, the seduction of sound, and the spiralling discovery of the unexpected.

Verandah 19 Award Winners

HarperCollins Fiction Prize ‘Driss and Deirdre’ by Arna Radovich
Verandah Fiction Prize ‘Jesus is Green, Man’ by Matt Dickinson
Matthey Rocca Poetry Prize ‘War Crimes’ by Gary Smith
Verandah Poetry Prize ‘Chicken’ Dan Rule
The Edge Photo Imaging Prize ‘Smith Street Landscape’ by Tess Crane

V19 Team: Briony Davis, Eleni Miller, Emma Morris, Effie Papandreou and Elisabeth Young.