Verandah 18

2003 Verandah 18

Over the years, Verandah Literary Journal has been a forum for new and established writers. Our ‘Coming of Age’ edition continues this tradition. Verandah 18 will take you on a journey that will inspire tears, laughter, whimsy and thought.

Verandah 18 Award Winners

Matthey Rocca Poetry Award ‘Salt from the Sea’ by Grace Yee
Verandah Literary Award Fiction ‘Eating Cake’ by Anna Beth McCormack
Second Prize Fiction ‘All Colour, All Night’ by Nathan Whitcher
Second Prize Poetry ‘Slide Show’ by Nathan Curnow
The 2003 Hussen Benn Non-Fiction Award ‘Romeo & Juliet Deserted’ by Ali Alizadeh
Lee Emmett Fiction Award ‘Whatever you do, Don’t Think About Jellyfish’ by Anna Krien
Verandah Photography Award (Sponsored by The Paper Place and Edge Photo Imaging) Jerry Alsamir

V18 Team: Debbie Bennett, Karina Biggs, Terry Cantwell, Jo-anne Hotchkin, Bernadette Rafferty and Carolyn Tate.