Verandah 17

2002 Verandah 17

The Verandah 17 editors would like to thank, in particular, Jenny Lee for her constant help and support, along with Judith Rodriguez, Peter Davis, and Sudesh Mishra for judging this year’s awards.

Verandah 17 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Award (Fiction) ‘I live in the Bathroom’ Anneliese Dalgeish 
Verandah Literary Award (Non-Fiction) ‘Six Sides of Self’ by Jaclyn Bond 
Matthew Rocca Poetry Award ‘Suite: September Eleven’ by Gary Smith 
DUSA Literary Award ‘The Girl Who Loves Fossils’ by Lisa Lang
DUSA Poetry Award ‘Nature of Things’ by Barbara Orlowska-Westwood 

V17 Team: Jonathan Danaher, Robyn Ellson, Jason Ellul and Anuska Phizazklea.