Verandah 15

2000 Verandah 15

Verandah Volume 15 is finally here, alive and resplendent in red patent-leather boots. Having received the formidable task of bringing Verandah into the new century, we have attempted to make the journal accessible and diverse, with the inclusion of more non-fiction, script, lyrics, and other experimental forms of writing.

Verandah 15 Award Winners

Verandah Literary Awards Poetry
‘Princess’ by Ali Alizadeh
‘when romeo and juliet come to town’ by Jane Williams
Verandah Literary Awards Fiction
‘Silent Radar’ by Clayton Hansen
‘Keeping in Time’ by Elizabeth Colbert

V15 Team: Megan Bailey, Dale Campisi, Ashley Hibbert, Rachel Pitts, Sarah Saunders and Kirsty Seymour.