Verandah 13

1998 Verandah 13

You will be absorbed by this edition of Verandah. It presents the work of emerging and established writers alongside new writing from our guest contributors Dorothy Hewett and Dorothy Porter. All but one of the thirty-six contributors are Australian-based.

You won’t find a lot of smoky cafes, berets, and rattling Melbourne trams in this edition. Rather, the pages of Verandah 13 tell of caterpillars, snowballs, martinis, Patak’s Instant Curry, Edinburgh, grannies, contortionists, New York, airconditioning, Hills Hoists, beheaded virgin martyrs, sheikhs’ camels, Norwegian saxophones, shrunken balloons, circuses, God, trousers, assassinations, salt and vinegar chips, protons, frogs, chickenshit motherfuckers,  Calcutta, carbon monoxide, burping, strings of sausages, insomnia, make-up, talking  dogs, good seats, maggots, bianca Hudson, eyebrows, crystal balls, primas and, of course, chickens.

And if you can’t sort that lot out, then you can always just look at the pictures.

Verandah 13 Award Winners

1998 Verandah Literary Awards – Poetry
‘Discovers the Body of a Suicide’ by John Hawkins Peeping Tom 
‘The Paddock’ by Adam Stirling 
‘Big Nana’ by Jane Williams 
1998 Verandah Literary Awards – Short Story
‘City’ by Matthia Dempsey 
‘The Desert Swimmer’ by Marni Cordell 
‘Strange Company’ by Karan Gaylard 

V13 Team: Sophie Black, Emma Brooks, Christine Fontana, Christopher Gabriel, Kate Hagan, Jennifer Lee and David Sornig.