History of Verandah

Verandah Literary and Art Journal was founded in 1986 by the verandahs of Victoria College—now known as Deakin University—where writing students would sit their exams. This beautiful and historical Australian site became the perfect image of a learning and training ground. Thus, Verandah was born.

The first edition of Verandah was launched in the great hall of Stonnington, graced with the presence of family, friends, supportive academics, the contributors, and acclaimed Australian writers Helen Garner and Garry Disher. Many well-known names can be found in the pages of Verandah!

Our founding editors are Anne Casey, Katie Cody, Genevieve Fitzgerald and Dianne Perrin Knie. You can read an interview with Genevieve Fitzgerald in our ‘Interviews’ section, where she says: ‘One thing’s for sure: the training I gained from Verandah taught me profound lessons about courage and risk, creativity and collaboration, about how a good idea can become a generous reality that applies the ‘pay it forward’ principle if everyone is willing to share. I am forever grateful to the people who helped to get the journal off the notepad and onto the bookshelf, to all those who continue to nourish it and to the ever-increasing family that grows from Verandah’s annual publication.’

If you want to see more about the history of Verandah Journal and what it’s like to work and be published there are a selection of interviews to read from previous designers, authors and artists.