Zoe McFarlane

Our final addition to The Cabinet of Curiosities comes from our last Designer for V34, Zoe McFarlane. 

Zoe McFarlane is a second year student, studying a Bachelor of Design, Visual Communications at Deakin University. Being passionate about art and design, she uses art mediums as an outlet to convey thoughts and sentiment. Zoe hopes to express personal significance within her work, drawing from emotional first-hand events and experiences.

Using a combination of watercolour and acrylic paint, Zoe’s artwork is based around showcasing an explosive and broken mind, the feeling of sadness and isolation, while also hinting at the frustrations these emotions can result in.


Chloe Collins, Daly Wilson & Yue Yang

In our third video installation, Chloe Collins, Daly Wilson and Yue Yang add new sound and video effects to the 1920 silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The three of them recorded most of the sounds and foley effects for this piece in the Deakin Recording studio, then used ProTools to modify, cut and arrange the sound files.

Chloe is an emerging motion designer and editor currently studying the Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation at Deakin University. Whilst currently focusing on motion design and digital 2D animation, she has previously experimented in traditional animation, illustrative work and sound design, and has directed and animated a variety of student films and works.
Daly is in his final year of a Bachelor of Creative Arts, with a major in Animation. He is regularly working on multiple short films, assisting with production, camerawork, special effects, video editing, and animations that incorporate both 2D and 3D techniques. He hopes to continue this trend into the film industry in the coming years.
Yue is currently studying a Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation at Deakin University, with a strong interest in film production and photography. Yue previously worked as a reporter and later became a director of a program called Across China at China Central Television.”

Chloe, Daly and Yue were mentored by their tutor, Nathalie Resciniti, and the video was edited by the unit chair, Martin Potter. 

Brenton Hamilton

In our next video installation, Brenton Hamilton adds new sound and video effects to the 1920 silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Brenton says that the film is visually interesting and otherworldly. 

‘I wanted the sound to reflect this. It was a challenge, and I have gained a deep respect for the art of sound.’

Brenton is a passionate film student and horror geek. He has loved the art of filmmaking since he first saw John Carpenter’s Halloween. He’s now studying a Bachelor’s in Film, Television, and Animation at Deakin University. Brenton can often be found either on his laptop writing a screenplay or pursuing knowledge of films new and old. 

Brenton was mentored by his tutor, Nathalie Resciniti, and the video was edited by the unit chair, Martin Potter. 

Aldwyn Barton-Ancliffe & Winston Grul

In our first video installation, Aldwyn Barton-Ancliffe and Winston Grul add live foley and SFX to the 1913 silent film, Suspense. 

Aldwyn says that creating this work was an interesting challenge.

‘You take for granted all the sounds that appear in real life, but silent films strip all of that away for you to piece together again.’

Aldwyn and Winston were mentored by their tutor, Nathalie Resciniti, and the video was edited by their unit chair, Martin Potter. 

Tiarney Aiesi

Tiarney Aiesi is a final year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Visual Arts and Literature. While studying at Deakin University, Tiarney has utilised various mediums to create sculptural pieces, photography works, paintings and installation pieces. 

‘Untitled’ has stemmed from both academic practice and personal experience. This series of works considers the physical, corporeal nature of the body and the essence of what it is to be human. Each sculptural piece is an investigation of the human form and what it means to inhabit a body that may be physically and emotionally vulnerable or fragile.

Nikeesha Hennessy

Nikeesha Hennessy is a new mother and is currently studying creative art at Deakin University in Geelong. Nikeesha is inspired by her life experiences and likes to bring forward a personal aspect to her work. Her preferred medium is oil paint in the style of expressionism and surrealism.

Nikeesha Hennessy has shown in her body of work how her methodology is affected by the limitations of time that is brought on by motherhood. She has used her son Joseph as her source of inspiration through oil paintings, collages and drawings.

You can peruse more of Nikeesha’s art here: https://www.instagram.com/nikkidavinci/


Tom -(Minh Trung Hoang)

Do you love animals or just parts of them? If you answered ‘parts’, you’re not the only one. Fashion products made from animals’ skin and fur can look gorgeous. But animals don’t look gorgeous anymore when a part of their body is stolen. You can find out more why we should love and respect animals as living creatures from the Animal Australia website: https://www.animalsaustralia.org/issues/fur.php

You can peruse more of Tom’s art here: https://minhtrunghoangdesign.wordpress.com

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Neil (Tran Dac Nghia)

Tran Dac Nghia is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Melbourne Australia. He is passionate about visual communication and wishes to use his skills to create experiences that others will cherish. Nghia’s art tells stories of his identity and carries emotions that are difficult to describe in other forms.

You can peruse more of Neil’s art here: www.trandacnghia.com

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