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Verandah 34

Cover image: ‘Gerald’ by Chloe Romanoff.
Volume 34 edited by Melina Bunting, Laura Clark, Jo French, Chantelle Gourlay and Mahima Jacob.

‘…this team has curated…a remarkable volume. What made it remarkable to me was—like the work that the editorial team has done—the level of emotion contained within it…what I wasn’t prepared for was how much they made me feel. There are pieces within Verandah Thirty-Four that made me feel anxious and triumphant, nostalgic, and…melancholy. There are pieces that made me laugh and pieces that made me cry and pieces that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.’—Jodi McAlister (Verandah 34 Foreword).

‘I am very impressed by the Verandah 34 editorial team’s quality showcase of emerging writers and artists…producing these contemporary voices and views. Discover the award-winners, explore the perspectives, stay up all night enjoying the storytelling of Verandah 34 Literary and Art Journal.‘—Karen Le Rossignol (Verandah 34 Blurb)

Verandah 33

cover for website

Cover image: ‘Aesthetic Depression’ by T-Dog eXtreme.

‘In these pages you will find unforgettable interventions in the ways we write about relationships, with works interrogating what we want, what we owe, and what we gain even in the wake of terrible losses.’—Hayley Elliott-Ryan (Verandah 33 Foreword)

Verandah 33 is built from the emotional and captivating works of emerging and established writers and artists, including a poignant piece from guest author, Anna Spargo-Ryan. This intricate collection of prose, poetry and art will take you on a journey that explores love, loss, joy and the mysteries we find within ourselves.

Verandah 32


Cover image: ‘Peony’ by Kellie Jane.

Unexpected and boundary-breaking. With new voices and fresh perspectives, Verandah 32 is a captivating and metamorphic journey of artistic and literary experimentation and diversity. This journal showcases the voices and creative works of emerging writers and artists alongside established writer, Kevin Brophy. The prose, poetry and artwork unites to form a collection which provokes thought, challenges reader expectations and evokes an array of emotions.

Verandah 31


Cover image: ‘Broken Bears’ by Joel Jeffery.

Three decades ago, Verandah was built on a love of art and literature. From foundations laid with little more than wide-eyed enthusiasm, it has risen brick by brick into a well-known, if not haphazard fixture of the community. Poets, painters and philosophers from all over the world scribble and stroke their way along the bare walls. Soaking the carpet with colour, filling the bathtub with ink.

The house hasn’t always been here, and even though its owners are truly unreliable—only ever staying one year—it remains, doors open to all. It isn’t always clean or tidy, and the roof leaks when it storms. But there’s always someone home, waiting for a visitor, for a story, for you.

Verandah 30


Cover image: ‘The Local’ by Jimmy Mollison.

‘As Verandah celebrates its thirtieth year of publication, it also celebrates thirty years of teamwork.’—Verandah 30 Team.

Verandah 30 highlights and celebrates the collaborative spirit of this journal. This stunning anthology of prose, poetry and art is a testament to the hardworking individuals who pour their heart and soul into its pages, editor and contributor alike.

This edition launched at the 2015 Melbourne’s Writer’s Festival, commemorating the collaborative efforts of Verandah 30 along with the collective celebration of literature that fuels the Writer’s Festival, and Verandah, each year.

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